Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Instead, we have all been holding out in our tents reading. I guess nature forced us to slow down a bit!
Instead, we have all been holding out in our tents reading. I guess nature forced us to slow down a bit!

Monday, July 6, 2009

160 character limit on my phone! Have been fishing a lot...caught bass, rock fish, and some other fish who's name eludes me right now!
Hola all. Had a great time on San Juan. Everyone got to go do what they like to do individually and as well as group functions as well. More in a second.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hey everyone, to see pics, go to facebook and find my profile. Search for either my name or my easyfoshzy@comcast.net email.

Hello From West End!

July 4th - We are all packed up and ready for our ride to the Orcas Island ferry. Our destination today is the island of San Juan! We have a tough uphill ride to start things off this morning, but then it gets much easier after we get off the ferry...roughly 8 miles or so! I like that a lot...my knee likes that a lot! Should be a great time on the big island given the many activities at the resort as well as the offerings in the big city of Friday Harbor. We'll go out for dinner tonight and watch fireworks somewhere for sure. Weather is absolutely beautiful, we are soaking it up before the rains that are supposed to come tomorrow. Again, lets hope the forecast is WRONG!!! - Eric

So far, great weather, getting a little abuse from the kid, but its only what I deserve. Nice climb to Mt Constitution, very steep, long, but a fabulous view. Relaxing, getting away from everything else in my life... Looking forward to more site seeing and fun...

Yesterday was bitch'n . . . Jerry, Kevin, and I headed out around 10 am to go climb Mt. Constitution (commonly called Mt. Constipation by Kevin . . . ha ha). My goal was to not stop the entire time climbing up . . . the ascent went from sea level to 2,407 feet over the course of 4.7 miles. It was so sweet, and I was able to finish the ride in 52 minutes. Such a great feeling and I sure enjoyed my Snickers and my fruit punch Gatorade once I got to the top. Yeah, yeah!!! Okey dokey now we are off to Friday Harbor to enjoy a night out on the town to celebrate the 4th and Eric's Birthday. Wahoo!!!

Miss Mandy

Friday, July 3, 2009

West Beach Resort

We made it to West Beach resort yesterday in the nick of time just before sunset. We had to wait over an hour and a half between the city of Anacortes and the ferry dock only 2.5 miles away due to the unusually long line of cars. Some lady Brian talked to said she has lived there 40 years and has never seen so much traffic. If any of you know me, you know I have little patience for waiting in lines...it was a treat indeed!!!

The weather is absolutey gorgeous here today! Clear skies, warm with a gentle breeze. Some of us are going on a bike ride up Mt Constitution, some are going to the hot springs....I'm going fishing! Brian is going to sleep and relax, sleep and relax. Apparently his new girlfriend is wearing him out! I'll post all the various pics of him texting her later!

OK, off to enjoy the day! More later!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Pre-tour Prep

It's the Monday prior to our tour and we are all preparing our gear and bikes! It looks like Brian, Mandy, Eric, Kevin and Jerry are all confirmed and excited for the trip. Most of us have never been there but everyone we talk to says it's a beautiful place and that we will all love it. Here is a pic of a sunset in the San Juans.

Our itinerary so far:

July 2/3 - Orcas Island - West Beach Resort
July 4/5 - San Juan Island
July 6/7 - Lopez Island
July 8/9 - San Juan Island

The forecast looks like nothing but sun through the 5th, but then it's possible the rain could set in based on the long term outlook. Let's hope it stays dry...some of us (Brian and Eric) won't last long if it rains more than a couple days in a row! Think good thoughts! More later when we get to Orcas Island!