Monday, June 29, 2009

Pre-tour Prep

It's the Monday prior to our tour and we are all preparing our gear and bikes! It looks like Brian, Mandy, Eric, Kevin and Jerry are all confirmed and excited for the trip. Most of us have never been there but everyone we talk to says it's a beautiful place and that we will all love it. Here is a pic of a sunset in the San Juans.

Our itinerary so far:

July 2/3 - Orcas Island - West Beach Resort
July 4/5 - San Juan Island
July 6/7 - Lopez Island
July 8/9 - San Juan Island

The forecast looks like nothing but sun through the 5th, but then it's possible the rain could set in based on the long term outlook. Let's hope it stays dry...some of us (Brian and Eric) won't last long if it rains more than a couple days in a row! Think good thoughts! More later when we get to Orcas Island!

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