Friday, July 3, 2009

West Beach Resort

We made it to West Beach resort yesterday in the nick of time just before sunset. We had to wait over an hour and a half between the city of Anacortes and the ferry dock only 2.5 miles away due to the unusually long line of cars. Some lady Brian talked to said she has lived there 40 years and has never seen so much traffic. If any of you know me, you know I have little patience for waiting in was a treat indeed!!!

The weather is absolutey gorgeous here today! Clear skies, warm with a gentle breeze. Some of us are going on a bike ride up Mt Constitution, some are going to the hot springs....I'm going fishing! Brian is going to sleep and relax, sleep and relax. Apparently his new girlfriend is wearing him out! I'll post all the various pics of him texting her later!

OK, off to enjoy the day! More later!


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